Crossy Road: Tips and Cheats

What is Crossy Road?

crossy road game


Crossy Road by Hipster Whale is an up-to-date spin on “Frogger” and one of the the most top-rated games in the App store. Crossy Road is a strategical game that compliments the famous “why did the chicken cross the road?” riddle. Your job is to guide your character across an endless road. Sounds easy enough? It’s not and that’s what makes it so much fun. You need to dodge trucks, cars, trains, use logs to get over rivers, and if you’re too slow in making a move, the eagle will surely get you.

Throughout the highway, coins are available for your character to collect if you land on them. You can use coins for a chance to win cool prizes like new characters with different abilities, however, you need at least 100 coins to spin for a new prize. You can, however, gain more coins by watching ads and waiting a specific time (which varies) for coin gifts. You also have the opportunity to buy new characters from the App store. Crossy Road is available for download on the iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Crossy Road Cheats

Crossy Road can cause frustration when you constantly get hit and have to start all over again and when you have no coins for a chance to win new prizes. It can become so disheartening that you may even think of deleting the app, however, there is light at the end of the tunnel with these cheats!
• Don’t Play on Mute: Turn the sound on while playing, since you will hear signals that your life will depend on. Although you’ll see the train light flashing, you won’t be able to see when a police car is coming. The police car travels twice as fast and appears one second after you hear its sirens.
• Get More Coins: This cheat is so easy and doesn’t require any type of hack downloads that can harm your computer. First, open the app and you’ll be met with an option to watch an add for 20 free coins. After you collect the coins by watching the video, go into the game and die. Next, completely close out the app by double-clicking the home button on your device and swipe out the app. Immediately open the app once more and you’ll be met with the option of watching another video for 20 free coins.
• Don’t Falter: If you don’t make a move within 5 seconds, the eagle will come and swoop you up, ending your game. Also, if you move backwards 2x in a row, the eagle will come and swoop you up. There is really no warning that the eagle is coming, except when the screen moves up as you are standing still, so it’s in your best interest to realize these tips now.
• Landscape Mode: Tilt your device to landscape mode to get a broad view of the obstacles. You’ll be able to see more vehicles to better judge where you should move and when.

Crossy Road Characters
Crossy Road offers a wide variety of characters with some characters better than others. You can unlock characters by using 100 coins to spend on the prize box. Each character has some positive attribute that differs from the rest of the characters, however, some characters can help get you further in the game or add coins to your bank. Here is a list of some of those characters:
• Hipster Whale: Named after the developer, the Hipster Whale is one of the secret and hidden characters and can be found in the river. To obtain the Hipster Whale, simply jump on it when you see it in the river. Because it’s a water animal, the Hipster Whale will not drown in the river, so you can hang out in the water before checking the next obstacle is clear.
• Wolf: The Wolf only runs at night, however it’s easier to see obstacles and coins since there is a faint glow.
• Swift Snail: The Swift Snail slides instead of hops, and is moves in “swift” motions.
With a large array of characters who bring different setting changes, it’s hard to point out just one that will help you further along in the game. There really isn’t any trick to choosing. You just need to find the one(s) who you work better with.

The Verdict
It’s addicting, fun, and even better with these simple tricks and cheats. The 3-D graphics makes the game even better than its “Frogger” game comparison. If you love Frogger or have never heard of Frogger, you’re sure to get a kick out of Crossy Road and its characters.